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Bob Gottlieb

Bob Gottlieb has 15 years experience at the NCAA Division I level


At Jacksonville and at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee as head coach for 7 years, Bob Gottlieb has over 100 wins as a head coach at the Division I level, including wins over Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Florida State, Auburn, Illinois, Western Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and the University of Tulsa.


Head Coach
Branch West

Jacksonville University
(Head Coach 1973-1975)

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
(Head Coach 1975-1980)

Creighton University
(Asst. Coach under Eddie Sutton 1969-1971)

Kansas State University
(Asst. Coach under Jack Hartman 1971-1973)

Long Beach State University
(Asst. Coach under Tex Winter 1981-1983)

Oregon State University
(Asst. Coach under Ralph Milller 1983-84)

Bob Gottlieb has coached for 48 years, 5 at the high school level, as a college coach for 15 years, and then as an AAU coach for 28 years.  In addition he has coached in the NBA Pro summer league for 6 seasons as recently as the summer of 2000 including two Coach of the Year awards for the league.  From 2000 to 2003, Bob Gottlieb coached the Branch West College Exhibition Team and had superb wins over UCLA 92-67 at Pauley Pavilion in November 2002, San Diego State at Cox Arena,  Northern Arizona, Lamar, Marshall, Miami of Ohio and Brown from the Ivy League.





Kansas State Team 2011


Kansas State 1971-73
Big 8 Champions both seasons
Bob Gottlieb
Assistant Basketball Coach
June, 2011




BWBA Basketball Recruiting Assistance Service  In addition, for the last 15 years he has developed a unique niche in the basketball world. He is one of the few people in the entire country that specializes in representing outstanding high school school basketball players who are somewhat under recruited, for whatever the reason, and helping them be recruited to all NCAA levels.

This may mean a full scholarship to an NCAA Division 1 or NCAA Division 2 school or it may be a comprehensive financial package to an NCAA Division 3 school involving a combination of academic scholarships, financial aid based on need, non interest baring student loans that do not have to be paid back until after graduation, and work study. He specializes in assisting athletes who are on the bubble between D1 and D2, with being able to be the difference maker in enabling the athlete to get a scholarship to an NCAA D1 school.

All of this may well save a parent over $100,000 even at the NCAA Division 3 level, which does not allow athletic related scholarships, if the athlete has quality grades.  In some cases, his work is the difference between an athlete not being recruited at all, and being recruited to a good D3 school where the athlete can obtain a quality education and continue to play very good college basketball.

He has the credibility and respect of college coaches in his ability to evaluate talent and project the appropriate level that a player can play. College coaches get dozens of films each week from parents and high school coaches, and do not have the time to look at most of them. However, when Coach Gottlieb calls on a player's behalf, and subsequently sends films, coaches will look at them and give serious consideration to recruiting the athlete.

Branch West Basketball Academy  For the last 15 years he has run the leading year-round basketball development program for offensive basketball skills in Southern California. Athletes come from as far north as Camarillo as far east as Palm Springs and as far south as San Diego to take advantage of Bob Gottlieb's 47 years experience as a master teacher of basketball. He not only teaches comprehensive offensive skills development but also a complete understanding of how to play, with and without the basketball. This includes spacing, moving without the ball, reading the defense, screening and taking screens, dribble penetration and subsequent playing off that penetration, etc. In years past, it has been solely for high school boys.  However, with the opening of the American Sports Center in Anaheim, he has added 7th and 8th grade groups on Thursday evenings.  There are two locations for high school boys, 1-3 pm Sundays, at the Spectrum Club in Thousand Oaks and Wednesdays 7-9:00 pm at Fountain Valley H. S. in Fountain Valley.